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naturopathic medicine mind-body integrative medicine

We Work with individuals who seek to explore their dis-ease, better understand themselves, and connect the dots between mind, body and the medicine that they need to achieve a higher state of health so that they can feel empowered, lead more purposeful lives, and become their own health advocates



About Dr. Dominika

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long-lasting health & resilience is built on a customized treatment plan, authentic communication, consciousness, connection & community

our action plan

our promise

  • Provide you with a nuanced view of your lab tests so that you know when your levels are low, average and optimal
  • Customize a treatment plan that addresses your health concerns and long term health goals

  • Continuously monitor and assess for excessive stress in order to prevent illness

  • Regularly check in with you to keep you accountable and actively participating in your health

  • To offer a type of medicine that focuses on achieving health, not managing illness

  • To help you actualize your health and overall potential

  • To help improve your performance and well-being

  • To continuously engage and educate you

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We can't wait to connect with you.